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World’s Most Expensive Flight Ticket Ever!

Sounds incredible, but an Aussie millionaire once paid an amazing $100,380 (NGN16,361,940) for a flight ticket aboard an A380 Airbus flight. Yeah you read that right, its Sixteen million Naira!!!

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Some people just have a thing for owning bragging rights, and those rights can be quite pricey.  Australian Julian Hayward was such a fan of the Airbus A380 that he dropped a sky-high $100,380.00 USD (note the 380 in the price) to be the first passenger to purchase an Airbus ticket back in 2007.  This is a lofty price even for our most expensive items collection!  To get a feel for just how ginormous this plane is, see video of  Airbus A380 hits Comair commercial flight!

Julian Hayward Aboard A380
Australian Milionaire, Julian Hayward aboard A380

Hayward unloaded enough cash to buy an exotic car or about 40 luxury car rentals in order to be the first to purchase a ticket for the very first Airbus A380 flight from Singapore to Sydney. 

Airbus A380 VIP
Airbus A380 VIP wing

A typical seat on the Airbus would sell for $3,400.00-ish at that time, but Mr. Moneybags masterfully outbid all others on eBay for the bragging rights of the world’s first commercial passenger of the innovative Airbus.

So do you think this is crazy or just awesome???


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