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Qatar Airways was Named 2015’s Best Airline – One Look Inside its Cabins Will Show You Why

Qatar Airways

There’s something wonderful about flying first class. However, Qatar Airways has found a way to make regular first-class seating look like coach. Skytrax recently named Qatar Airways its 2015 airline of the year and Business Insider has posted some photos showing us exactly why it’s so deserving of that honor.

This is Qatar Airways’ first-class cabin. Notice how you have enough leg room to fully recline and that you get large monitors to keep you entertained throughout the whole flight.


Economy Class on Qatar Airways is nice as well, as it offers you seats that are roomier than anything you’ll get on Delta. Plus, each seat comes with a power outlet, a USB port and a personal telephone.


And if you’re the kind of person who likes to drink their way through flights, you’ll be pleased to know that Qatar Airways offers a terrific first-class bar and lounge too.


These are just three of the pictures showing us how awesome it would be to fly 2015’s airline of the year. To check out the rest, see Business Insider’s full gallery here.

Culled from Yahoo.Com

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