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Lisbon Airport Welcomes Home European Champions With Colorful Water Arch

Lisbon Airport, the current leaders of the 2016 Arch of Triumph competition, welcomed home the champions of Europe this week, the Portuguese national football team that won Euro 2016 after beating France 1-0 in extra time.

Lisbon Airport welcomes home the champions of Europe
The Portugal national football team is an association football team which represents the country of Portugal and is currently the reigning champions of Europe, having won the 2016 tournament.

The airport, now known for its colourful water arches, welcomed home the team by creating an arch to showcase the colours of the Portuguese flag.

Many congratulations to the team, and if no other airport in the world can beat the score of 39.0 that Lisbon garnered when it celebrated the arrival of United Airlines’ new route from Washington Dulles, then Portugal will have two championship winning teams in 2016.

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