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Gabon flyafrica Unveiled in Libreville

Gabon flyafrica (Libreville) was officially unveiled to the public at a ceremony held in Libreville on Saturday, August 29. A statement issued by President Ali Bongo’s office said the project is a joint venture between the Gabonese government and Paramount Group, a South African arms manufacturer owned by Lithuania-born Ivor Ichikowitz. is a low cost carrier (LCC), the first LCC from the group to start operations; they commenced in July 2014 linking Victoria Falls with Johannesburg. Photo Credit: Southern Eye

As with Zimbabwe flyafrica (Z7, Harare Int’l), Namibia flyafrica (N6, Windhoek Int’l), and Mozambique flyafrica (Maputo), it is assumed flyafrica Ltd, the LCC’s Mauritius-based investment vehicle, also has a stake in the start-up.

Operations are expected to launch later this year and will include domestic flights between Librevilleand Port Gentil with regional West and Central African routes to boot.

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