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Flight Attendants Sue Boeing After Allegedly Inhaling Toxic Air

Four flight attendants have filed a lawsuit against The Boeing Company, and their claims will make you think twice about boarding your next flight.

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According to the lawsuit, the four women claim they were exposed to toxic air aboard a Alaska Airlines flight took place on July 12, 2013, and was diverted to Chicago after three of the four flight attendants lost consciousness. After making an emergency landing, they were rushed to a hospital via ambulance.

“My fingers felt like Jell-O, I couldn’t control them or think clearly,” said Vanessa Woods, one of the plaintiffs and a former flight attendant. “Someone helped me get oxygen, and then I went to the bathroom and began dry heaving.”

Nearly two years later, all of the women say they are still suffering effects from that day. Especially Woods, who can no longer work.

Source: Yahoo

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