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Climate Change Activists Chains Themselves Together On Heathrow Runway

Climate change activists have chained themselves together and refused to move from Heathrow’s north runway, in protest against the decision to build a new runway at the airport.

Plane Stupid Activists
Plane Stupid activists protest airport expansion at Heathrow

All 13 protestors, one of whom was dressed as a polar bear, are members of the direct action group Plane Stupid and were eventually cut free by police using heavy machinery. Nine demonstrators have since been arrested, whilst Plane stupid have promised more protests against airport expansion.

A Heathrow spokesman said that the protest had “a very minimal effect on the operation” after it prevented or delayed 13 of Heathrow’s 1,300 daily flights. A video posted online though showed a policeman explaining (much to the delight of protestors) that the cost of the incident would be “in the millions of pounds.”

Plane Stupid member Sarah Shoraka said, “we are not big corporations, we don’t have resources at our disposal other than our bodies.”

“It seems to be young people.., they’ve got nothing better to do,” said retired Ray Leonard whose flight to Munich for a river cruise has been delayed.

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