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China United Airlines Barred Pilots After Brawling Inside Cockpit

Two pilots with a budget airline in China have been suspended for six months after they brawled in the cockpit of a plane at 30,000ft.

The Beijing-based carrier, China United Airlines, has been penalised for multiple safety violations, including the mid-flight brawl.

China United Airlines Co., Ltd. is a budget airline with its headquarters in Fengtai District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, operating scheduled flights and charter services in co-operation with local enterprises out of Beijing Nanyuan Airport, making it the only commercial airline using this airport. Photo Credit: flickr

The low-cost airline said the pilots only had ‘some physical contact’ as a result of ‘misunderstandings’, but denied reports one became bloodied with a head injury.

The entire China United Airlines flight crew was banned for six months by a Chinese regulator.

The fight occurred in June but wasn’t reported until this week by Chinese media, including the South China Morning Post, after the safety violations were handed down. Few details – such as the route the budget airline was operating, or how many people were on board – were available.

The rest of the crew was also barred from flying for half a year.

Source: Daily Mail

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