Lufthansa Group establishes HQ for sub-Saharan Africa in Nigeria

Lufthansa Group has designated Lagos, Nigeria as headquarters of airline’s sub-Saharan sales, station, marketing and administration across the African continent.

The aviation group said the belief of the company in the possibility of growth and development in Nigeria and to further provide jobs is the core for moving all its African business into Nigeria.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Frank Augstein

Its Vice President, Sales and Services, Southeast Europe, Africa and Middle East, Mr Tamur Goudarzi-Pour, who made this known at the airline’s headquarters in Lagos yesterday, said “Nigeria has always played a key role in Lufthansa’s intercontinental network and now we are creating a new organisation that will benefit from the country’s economical size and business prospects as a leading regional business hub”.

Expatiating further on why Nigeria is chosen, he said “Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa ,also with the highest Gross Domestic Products and geographically located within six hours from all other Lufthansa sub-Sahara markets, hence it was the natural choice for a regional head office in Africa”.

On the question whether Nigeria is worth the risk to collapse all other regional headquarters for, the Managing Director, Sub-Sahara Africa, Mr Claus Becker said, having been in Nigeria for 52 years, with 750,000 and 230,000 passengers flying in Africa and Nigeria respectively in the year 2014 in its airlines, the company is not for quick returns.

Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) is Nigeria's busiest airport. Photo Credit:

Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) is Nigeria’s busiest airport. Photo Credit:

Becker said the airline is in the country on a long term and is investing in the people with belief in them despite the volatile nature of the country and although it is a calculative risk, it is a risk well taken. Becker, who was the former Managing Director, West Africa Lufthansa German Airlines and Swiss International Air Lines, said a lot of projects, investments are on hold due to the wait for direction from the new government. He said the airline is doing a lot and will do more and competition is keeping all airlines on their toes to satisfy their customers, which is why it’s Premium economy class will come to Nigeria in October 2015.

He said Lufthansa has three destinations in Nigeria and is served by the German carrier, which is a pillar in the burgeoning economic relationship between Germany, Nigeria as well as businesses in both countries.

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